BBB Recruitment is a London based Recruitment agency for the Media & Creative industries. No wrong trees to bark up here!

BBB was founded and set up by Uschi Bennett, who brings over 19 years of recruitment experience, gained mostly from within the media and creative industry. Uschi has recruited from the most junior to the most senior level roles within Support, HR, Account Management and Events.

With a wealth of experience in the creative and media sector, Uschi prides herself on her extensive knowledge and vast network of contacts, clients and candidates. Uschi has built long lasting relationships with a wide range of industry leading professionals and candidates looking for their new career path, whilst possessing a track record of success.

Uschi & BBB never restrict their expertise as we always expand our remit to fit our client’s needs. With a warm, friendly and honest approach to recruitment we truly believe we are experts at matching the right people to the right company!